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PUF Panels
Durable and sturdy PUF Panels are available for ceiling and wall partitions. They are free from CFC and other toxic materials to create a positive and reliable environment. These panels are fast and easy to assemble ensuring to meet varied needs of commercial to residential sectors.
Insulated Roof Panels
Insulated Roof Panels are designed to ensure 100% leak-proof construction in varied commercial, industrial and residential spaces. They ensure outstanding durability, sturdiness and strength to provide the best performance for years to come.
Porta Cabins
Strong and hard-wearing Porta Cabins are available to create swift, easy and affordable cabins in no-time. They are available in varied sizes and dimensions with everys ingle fitting of plumbing and electrical work to provide maximum ease to the users.
Prefab Shelters
Prefab Shelters provided are made using high grade raw materials and sophisticated technology by our skilled workers.These shelters are used by many industries such as food, beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals for storing their goods and products safely and secured.These shelters are in demand and are also very economical as they require less maintenance and operating cost.
Bunk Houses
Bunk Houses which are just similar to any container that are used for transporting huge consignments.These houses are designed just like normal houses and are also supported by the all basis amenities, internally. These houses can be easily shifted from one place to another as they are moveable.
Cold Storage Room
Cold Storage Room is highly preferred for its unique features and is very economical to use. This room is very effective and safe to use. This room is mainly used as a best place to store the foods and vegetables, preventing the spoilage of foods.
Labour Huts
Labour Huts are mainly used in security system, residential purpose and other area for the labours or guards to live in. These huts are very economical to use. These huts are very useful for labours and guards as they provide shelter for them and keep them safe from climatic conditions too.
Double Storey Building
Double Storey Building is used for multiple purposes as for storing, or selling or manufacturing different goods and items. This building is very economical as it requires low maintenance and operating cost. This building is very easy to install as well as simple to use.
Cold Room Storage Doors
Cold Room Storage Doors are preferred for its smooth finish, highly reliable, supreme quality, good strength, durable in nature and eco-friendly too. These storage doors are very economical and available for our clients in bulk or as per their requirements at affordable rates. 
Operating Theatre Room
An operating theatre room, is a surgery facility, is a hospital room used for performing surgical and other procedures. It has meticulously designed to meet the requirements of the medical facilities.

We mainly deal in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
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